Ceasefire FAQs


What is the Ceasefire MENA monitoring tool?

Ceasefire’s civilian-led monitoring tool is a public platform enabling civilians to monitor, document and access violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed in their communities.


Why should I use this tool?

The tool offers a systematic format for documenting violations in accordance with international standards. Once registered with an account, you can store, export, and re-visit data on the tool.

Violations submitted on the tool are published on and accessible via our incident map, with confidential information always retracted.


Can anyone use the tool?

The tool is available for anyone with a registered account to use, whether you are working as an individual or with an organisation. However, please note that the tool is focused on documenting violations in the Middle East and North Africa.

If you are interested in registering an account, please click on the following link to get started: https://ceasefire-mena.ushahidi.io/views/data.


What is the data uploaded on the tool used for?

This data is for public use, and as such we encourage you to use it publicly in your articles, reports, campaigning, activism, advocacy or otherwise.

We encourage users of the tool to channel data violations documented on the tool into their own work, whether they are using the tool as members or an NGO, CSO, a collective or otherwise, or as individuals.

As Ceasefire, we are committed to channelling the information we receive into our advocacy with national and international stakeholders. One such example is our 2020 submission to the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances’ review of Iraq, publicly accessible here. It was compiled based primarily on violation reports submitted through the tool.


Where is the data uploaded on the tool stored and is it safe?

Violations uploaded on the tool are transmitted using SSL encryption, and stored in a secure server. The safety and security of reports submitted via the tool is a top priority for Ceasefire, to protect monitors and the identities of victims in submitted reports. Confidential information is always retracted before reports are published, unless the victim requests otherwise.


Is there an app I can use to upload violations directly from my phone?

Yes, there is! You can download the Ushahidi app from your app store and start uploading directly from your phone, on the ground, wherever you are. Once you have downloaded the Ushahidi app, search for ‘Ceasefire-MENA’ to load the deployment and its forms.


Will I receive assistance after I report a violation on the tool?

It is important to note that Ceasefire is not a relief organization, and we do not have the capacity to respond individually to violations. The tool is intended primarily for documentation and information-gathering. If you are in an emergency situation, you should contact a local first responder.


How quickly do reports become available become on the tool after I submit them?

Reports submitted through the tool have to go through an approval process by Ceasefire admins before they are made public on the tool. This is to make sure that reports submitted are filled out correctly, coherent, and in line with our graphic images policy.

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