باسم الحماية: الأقليات والهوية في النزاع السوري

لطالما وقعت الأقليات الدينية السورية في صميم حربٍ من السرديات السياسية. فلقد صورت الحكومة التي يقودها الأسد على وجه الخصوص نفسها على أنها “حامية للأقليات” كأحد المبررات لاستمرار قبضتها على السلطة. ومن خلال الترويج لرواية الحماية هذه، قامت الحكومة باستمالة الأقليات الدينية السورية من جهة، بغض النظر عن آرائهم السياسية الخاصة، وشيطنة الملايين من المتظاهرين

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ISIS fighters and their families facing justice: Eight options and four principles

March 2019 Crimes under international law committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), including systematic attacks on civilian populations, have shocked the world. Now that the remaining ISIS-controlled territory in Syria is regained, attention is at last focusing on bringing ISIS leaders and fighters to justice. These include Iraqi and Syrian nationals,

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A Step towards Justice: Current accountability options for crimes under international law committed in Syria

Justice for Syria: Small steps forward

July 2017 Recent months have seen a number of small steps forward in the struggle to achieve justice for atrocities committed in Syria. Criminal proceedings are now underway in a number of European countries, including Germany, Sweden and Spain, targeting perpetrators of torture and war crimes in Syria. For the first time, such proceedings target

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Raqqa: Will the lessons from Mosul be learnt in time?

July 2017 As US-led coalition forces in partnership with a non-state armed group, the Syrian Democratic Forces, continue their attempt to take Raqqa from ISIS control, up to 200,000 civilians remain at risk, including some 70,000 inside the city. In June the chair of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria warned that the intensification

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