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Reparations for Ukraine: An international route map

To bring justice to Ukraine’s civilians and enable them to rebuild their lives will require reparations. But while firm progress has been made on instituting war crimes investigations following the Russian invasion, international planning for the delivery of reparations has lagged behind, finds a major new report by Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights.

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In Iraq’s disputed territories, militias dictate civilians’ lives

In Iraq’s disputed territories, government-funded militias are having a destructive impact on governance, economic life, and community relations, according to a report released today by the Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights. The dominance of these militias is acting as a major barrier to the return of civilians displaced by the conflict with ISIS, especially members

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باسم الحماية: الأقليات والهوية في النزاع السوري

لطالما وقعت الأقليات الدينية السورية في صميم حربٍ من السرديات السياسية. فلقد صورت الحكومة التي يقودها الأسد على وجه الخصوص نفسها على أنها “حامية للأقليات” كأحد المبررات لاستمرار قبضتها على السلطة. ومن خلال الترويج لرواية الحماية هذه، قامت الحكومة باستمالة الأقليات الدينية السورية من جهة، بغض النظر عن آرائهم السياسية الخاصة، وشيطنة الملايين من المتظاهرين

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UK compensation bill for civilian harm in Iraq and Afghanistan reaches £32m

The compensation bill for civilians harmed in UK military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan has now reached £32 million, according to a new report by Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights. During the last year the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has quietly settled some 417 claims related to Iraq, and 13 related to Afghanistan, to add to thousands already settled.

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The Yazidi Survivors’ Law: A step towards reparations for the ISIS conflict

On 1 March 2021, after nearly two years of deliberations, Iraq’s parliament passed the Yazidi Female Survivors’ Law, a major step forward in addressing the legacy of violations committed by ISIS against members of religious minorities in Iraq. The law (Law No. 8 of 2021) provides a comprehensive programme of reparations to Yazidi, Christian, Shabak, and

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